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About company

C-Project is a holding company, consisting of a manufacturing and distribution companies. Its form of capital is a close joint-stock corporation. C-Project specializes in groceries, canned food, snacks, fast food (instant and ready-for-eat) products. The company was founded in 1995 in Saint-Petersburg and now takes the leading position as distributor of groceries in the north-western region of Russia. The company also has 12 trade representatives throughout Russia. The staff of C-Project is about 400 persons.

As the distribution company C-Project has a wide distribution network in Russia, including wholesale and direct trade channels. Total controlled distribution - more than 10,000 retail outlets across Russia. The company's products are sold in most of federal and regional chain stores in Russia: Lenta, Okay, Pyaterochka, Magnet, Perekrestak, Karusel, Dixie, Kvartal, Victoria, etc.

The distributed assortment is consisting of several thousand positions, belonging to different brands (ITLV, Gallina Blanca, Podravka, SAF Leveaur and others).

The own brands of C-Project are the following:


The group of premium quality products, based on instant potato flakes. The assortment consists of two principal product lines: potato flakes in "family" package (for several portions) and in individual packages (for one portion). The latter are supplemented by natural dried vegetables, mushrooms or meat, produced by the high-tech method of sublimation. The technology of sublimation, or "careful drying", permits to save properly the structure, the taste and the healthy components of a product, such as proteins, vitamins and minerals.
Kartoshechka is the strong brand, taking leading positions in Russia within the category of instant potato flakes.

"Domashneye Bistro"

This brand consists of seven product categories:

  1. Instant lunches in individual package. The instant lunches contain a side dish (rice, buckwheat, pasta) with dried vegetables, mushrooms and sublimated meat.
  2. Instant porridges, based on oat and multi-cereal flakes, are supplemented by natural fruits, dried by sublimation technology.
  3. Set for making kvass.
  4. Instant soups.
  5. Universal seasonings.
  6. Powdered milk.
  7. Buckwheat garnish.

The market share instant oatmeal "Domashneye Bistro" in St. Petersburg and the Northwest is up to 25%.


The group of instant products of economy segment, including potato flakes, buckwheat and vermicelli.

XXL lunch

This product combines an instant side dish (rice, buckwheat, potato flakes) and the meat sauce (75g).


Hungrow is a trademark for natural meat pates. «Hungrow» are made in Serbia. Hungrow no contains soya and vegetable protein, starch, cereals, flour and others thickeners. That is why pate and corned meat Hungrow has natural quality taste.

"Lesnie ugodia"

"Lesnie ugodia" — dried mushrooms and jam.

"Lubimiy Zavtrak"

Muesli "Lubimiy Zavtrak" — a new trend of production since 2010. The company plans is to become one of the biggest players in the market "muesli" in Russia by 2015.

C-Project started producing and selling products under license agreements in 2007. Within 2007-2008 - instant oatmeal TM Smeshariki . Since 2009, C-Project has been cooperating under a licensing agreement with "Melnica" animation studios, under which are producing instant oatmeal and "champagne for children" with cartoon characters: "Elijah of Murom and Nightingale the Robber", "Alyosha Popovich and Tugarin Serpent", "Dobrinia Nikitich and The Dragon".

АО "Си-Проджект"
Санкт-Петербург, ул. 13-я Красноармейская, д.9 
тел. +7 812 322-92-02, факс +7 812 322-92-97
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