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About Us

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1995 July 1995 Contract for the distribution of Idahoan (USA) potato products in Russia

1996 Exclusive contract for the distribution of Idahoan in Russia

1997 Localization of the Idahoan brand for the Russian market: Idaho trademark

1998 Saving the company during the default period. Awareness of ones place in the Russian market.

1999 Creation of the Potato TM. Conclusion of an exclusive contract for the import of Van der Broek Lutosa potato flakes.

Obtaining the status of the exclusive distributor of TM "Bystrov" in the NWRF

2000 Obtaining the status of the general distributor of TM "Doshirak" in St. Petersburg

2001 Obtaining the status of the general distributor of TM "Podravka" in St. Petersburg Obtaining the exclusive status for the products of the Nevelsk Dairy Plant

2002 Obtaining the status of the general distributor of Rollton TM in St. Petersburg

2003 Release of ready-made second courses with sublimated meat under the Potato TM. Creation of TM "Mig-Mag". Obtaining the status of the general distributor for TM "Saf Moment" (yeast) in the territory of the NWRF.

2004 Creation of TM "Home Bistro" (Instant dishes based on buckwheat, rice and pasta) Formation of "Snacks" and "Muesli" groups in the product portfolio .

2005 Release of instant porridges under the Home Bistro TM. Relaunch of products in thermoglasses - release of new innovative glasses. Conclusion of a number of distribution contracts for the group "Snacks"

2006 Release of instant multi-cereal and rice porridges under the Home Bistro TM. Release under the TM "Smeshariki" instant cereals. Formation of the category "Conservation" in the assortment portfolio (conclusion of 6 Distributor contracts). Formation of the Commodity Portfolio according to the categorical principle.

2007 In-house launch: XXL Lunch is a unique combination product (meat in sauce and instant dry garnish).

Conclusion to the market of fully prepared meat dishes under the TM "Vollero"

Final formation of the product categories "Snacks" and "Preservation"

2008 Launch of a powdered milk analogue under the trade mark Parnasskoye.

Production of natural meat pates TM Hungrow

Release of instant cereals "Ilya Muromets and Nightingale the Robber"

2009 Release of a more economical version of "Potatoes" in thermoglasses with meat and croutons.

Release of mashed potatoes in thermoplates "Potato Big Lunch" , development of the assortment of TM "Hungrow": chopped ham, deli, stew.

2010 Creation of the Timberland brand and launch of jam and dried mushrooms under it.

Release of instant soups and universal seasoning "Home Bistro".

2011 Appearance in the assortment portfolio of TM Potapych (dried mushrooms, honey and jam) and licensed TM Malysh and Carlson (oatmeal and mashed potatoes) . Release of "Potatoes with rye croutons", Shamakhanskaya Tsaritsa childrens champagne, Forest Lands Premium honey, Hungrow Pate Premium pates, expansion of the Home Bistro soup line.

2012 Appearance in the assortment portfolio of private label QuestON (fish snacks) and licensed TM Prostokvashino (cereals). Expansion of the assortment line of TM "Forest Lands": Elite honey, elite cloudberry jam, Premium taste mix jam.

2013 Appearance in the assortment portfolio:

TM "Celebration Drink" (non-alcoholic adult champagne)

STM Asian Fusion (instant soup, instant soups in a box);

Panda Box private label (instant pasta)

Everyday private label (BioKasha, Kasha 4 cereals , Oatmeal and oatmeal porridges with cream, BioMuesli, MultiFlakes breakfast cereals)

Bembery private label (childrens champagne)

Assortment expansion: QuestON private label meat snacks, licensed TM puree Prostokvashino” and rare types of jams by private label “Forest Lands”.

2014 Assortment expansion: QuestON private label nuts and dried fruits, Everyday crispy cereal flakes Granola, Forestland fig jam.

2015 Assortment expansion: Private label "Everyday" (Choko Flakes, BioMuesli breakfast cereals with probiotics, germinated wheat grains and natural berries (goji berries and blueberries), Granola muesli bars). Under the Private Label "Forest Lands" jams with five classic flavors were produced.

2016 Launch of a line for the production and packaging of muesli bars.

2017 The bar production line has been upgraded to produce protein bars. Expansion of the marketing department.

2018 Range optimization and rebranding of all TMs (consumer research, platform updates, redesigns of all key brands).

2019 Release of full and healthy instant cream soups in t/s and t/s, honey with dispenser.

Purchase of production facilities in Torzhok.

Purchase of equipment for the production of paper cups.

Purchase of equipment for the production of jams in doypacks.

2022 New product releases:

TM Potato flakes in a doypack, Potato PROTEIN puree with chicken, fried onions and croutons; Mix for potato fritters "Potato" with fried onions, Puree "Potato" of the "SUPER FOOD" line in a PET jar with pumpkin and with spinach and broccoli; Soup-noodles with funchose in boxes TM "Asian Fusion - Honorary Prize for" BEST INNOVATIVE PRODUCT "at the exhibition Prodexpo 2022.

Accreditation of Production for export to China.

Certification of Production according to ISO 22000-2019.

Holding company JSC "C-Project"
The C-Project company was founded in 1995 in St. Petersburg. Today "Si-Project" is a large trade and industrial holding.

The company produces high-quality food for the whole family, has many years of experience in cooperation with leading retailers and dealers in Russia and the CIS.

Engaged in various projects, manufactures products under trademarks, using a systematic, integrated approach.

The history of the C-project company began with the sale of packaged potato flakes produced in the USA under the TM Idaho Inwoods (American state of Idaho). At that time, there were products under the TM Ankle Bens on the market, but the flakes did not look like natural potatoes and the products popularity in the Russian Federation was not great. Idaho Foods flakes, which our company began to sell on the Russian market, covered this need, since they looked like natural potatoes. This laid a solid foundation in the development of the company and formed one of our fundamental principles - quality should come first!

Company mission:
Satisfaction of the eternal human need for food, taking into account the constant change in the image, level and pace of life
C-Project JSC
We manufacture products under of our own brands:
Kartoshechka - are the business card of Si-Project JSC. A wide range of premium quality mashed potatoes are produced under this brand.
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Everyday – a line of products for conscious and proper nutrition every day.
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Asian Fusion
Asian Fusion is the fastest and most delicious way to immerse yourself in the world of real gourmet Oriental cuisine!
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A traditional and convenient product for every housewife.
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Домашнее Бистро
Domashnee Bistro - traditional home-made food is delicious and heartfelt.
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Лесные угодья
TM "Lesnye ugod'ya" - natural premium products created by nature itself.
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TM Potapych since 2007, Products under the Potapych brand have been pleasing their consumers with natural and delicious products.
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Terra Frutta
Treat yourself to the pleasure of discovering a real fruit paradise with Terra Frutta jams!
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Panda Box
Panda Box Asian Fusion dishes are a combination of traditional Asian cuisine recipes with European healthy food trends in a stylish "take away" box.
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Hungrow - TM is owned by Si-Project JSC. Under the Hungrow Si-Project TM, it produces high-quality meat , fish , vegetable , fruit, mushroom preserves , olives, olives and olive oil .
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KVEST ON is a proprietary trademark of Si-Project JSC, founded in March 2012.
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The products of our company are presented on marketplaces and in all major federal and regional chains
In order to obtain the HACCP certificate , it is necessary to develop and maintain documentation, follow the instructions and regulations of the system, the personnel of the enterprise must be trained and understand the principles of the program.
Quality control of products is carried out according to the HACCP system
HACCP (from English - risk analysis and critical control points) is a system that combines:
Documentation developed for a specific legal entity (orders, magazines, instructions, forms, forms, etc.),
Preparing the enterprise and production facilities for compliance with the requirements of state and international standards, on the basis of which the HACCP system is being implemented at the enterprise
Implementation by employees of instructions, procedures and other actions approved and enshrined in the HACCP documentation
Risk analysis and identification of critical process control points
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