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Kartoshechka - are the business card of Si-Project JSC. A wide range of premium quality mashed potatoes are produced under this brand.
KVEST ON is a proprietary trademark of Si-Project JSC, founded in March 2012.
Everyday – a line of products for conscious and proper nutrition every day.
Asian Fusion
Asian Fusion is the fastest and most delicious way to immerse yourself in the world of real gourmet Oriental cuisine!
A traditional and convenient product for every housewife.
Домашнее Бистро
Domashnee Bistro - traditional home-made food is delicious and heartfelt.
Лесные угодья
TM "Lesnye ugod'ya" - natural premium products created by nature itself.
TM Potapych since 2007, Products under the Potapych brand have been pleasing their consumers with natural and delicious products.
Terra Frutta
Treat yourself to the pleasure of discovering a real fruit paradise with Terra Frutta jams!
Panda Box
Panda Box Asian Fusion dishes are a combination of traditional Asian cuisine recipes with European healthy food trends in a stylish "take away" box.
Hungrow - TM is owned by Si-Project JSC. Under the Hungrow Si-Project TM, it produces high-quality meat , fish , vegetable , fruit, mushroom preserves , olives, olives and olive oil .